BOLT (Taxify)

In 2016, we stood at the birth and launch of the new Estonian transportation platfrom in the Czech Republic. Within a few mothts Bolt got among the 2 best apps of its this kind on the market.

We managed to successfully mediate one of the first investments in Taxify by the Czech fund Bolt Startup development, which helped to start their further development.

Since February 2019, Bolt has operations in 30 countries and 100 cities in Europe, Africa, West Asia and Australia, with a current market cap of $ 1 billion.

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Unique platform for cleaning services of households. Since 2017, we have already made our services available in tens of cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At the moment we are expanding to other European countries.

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Auto na klik

Innovative online marketplace for car purchase.
Autonaklik connects thousands of cars with dealerships in one platform.

Offer is provided to buyer in real time, purchase happens immediatelly and customer holds a keys from brand new car intill 24 hours

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O2 auto

Our team successfully built new product O2cars which combines car leasing and unique services including telematics technology.

Main value for B2B customers was to bring telco and car services from one supplier together.

During the 6 months period we sold more than 100 cars.

Daně na klik

The project provides accounting services to users of shared economy platforms like Airbnb, Uber, Bolt including online tax consulting. We ensure online more than 400 customers monthly.

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Innovative project based on smart home security system in combination with on-demand insurtech service.

Bedo is a remote assistant, which secures your home and in the time of unexpected situation it connects you with the right people, who can help you.

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Plzeňský Prazdroj

We delivered study focused on innovations in the gastro industry in regard to the latest market trends and its further development in the following 5 years.

The project aims to help with automation and B2B account management through one smart platform for all PP partners.

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Market leader in the field of technical inspection of real estate.

It focuses on transparency during the process of buying or selling real estate. Certified technicians inspect the property and objectively evaluate its technical condition. The buyer can be sure of what he is buying, and the seller doesn’t have to worry about any complaints or even sues from the side of the buyers.

We have already performed more than 2,000 technical inspection in duration of 5 years.

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