We build custom made projects for you!

You can be a large-size company or a private investor. We will develop your project from the green field to the prosperous business. We will thoroughly analyse, create mvp, launch the pilot and implement the project.

We will provide you with skillful professionals!

We have suitable people for any specific project. We can provide either a competent individual or a whole team of professionals. Why? Due to our unique mindset, rapid processes, no operational blindness.

We are evolving our own projects

We are developing our own projects, which we finance on our own. We have already created several successfully working projects from scratch. We have the entrepreneurial spirit, which we use in developing projects for the external parties.

We are testing

We will help you to open your eyes to the operational blindness. We will also look at your product independently as your target customer. We will evaluate the customer experience from the operational point of view and we will give you a clear recommendation, what to change promptly.

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Why is nula better?


We are developing our own projects

We are developing our own ideas for our own money


We have a universal team

We have the best people in our team, for whom the expression “I can't” doesn't exist


We are working with the biggest companies

We are projecting big things for big brands


We like unconventional solutions

We like challenges, where we can move beyond the traditional way of business and systems.

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